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A good one from the Claddies - 95%

CliffBizkit336, June 13th, 2003

Well here it is. The best album from what I consider to the best band of the nineties. Prince of the Poverty Line by Skyclad offers up some of the most inventive and interesting metal ever.

The guitar riffs are nothing fancy just basic catchy stuff. What really makes this album stand out is Matin Walkyier. His vocals fit the music perfectly and his lyrics are wonderful. Socially aware poetic bitter smart would all be words to describe Walkyiers lyrics. The songs are all different. Structured in different ways that keep things VERY interesting. The folk elements add alot. The violins give the album a really cool "renaissance" feel to things.

Top tracks are Civil War Dance, Gammadion Seed, and Womb of the Worm.

All I can say is that this is one interesting release and a personal favorite of mine. I encourage everyone to pick it up if for nothing else than the cool lyrics.