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Great album by 'clad - 89%

yeentrancemperium, September 19th, 2003

This album came out the same year as Irrational Anthems, and it also has some remixes of previously released songs, but it also has about 7-8 brilliant songs. Not to mention the best titles of songs I've seen in a long time.

Great Blow for a Day Job, hehehe. Martin Walkyier in all his sceptic miserable glory, self irony parades around in this song, with lines such as "If I put my pen to paper for eternity I'm damned / If I don't I'll never be the singer in a fiddle band"

If I die Laughing is the band's questioning/mocking of Christianity, which is sort of a standard element of Skyclad. Far from the unintelligent, and 3rd grade way of doing it as many metal bands do, these British boys take a different route: tragicomedy I guess is what one would call it.

Constance Eternal and Postcard from Planet Earth are more melodic song, showing a different side of Skyclad, while Bombjour is another great tune about the European Union, and French Pres Chirac.

History Lessens and Penny Dreadful are from the aforementioned Irrational Anthems, but they sound pretty good here as well.

Come on Eileen is one of those 80s songs, and an odd choice for a cover, yet the band does a decent job of it.

Overall, a very strong album by Skyclad, with about 7-8 brilliant songs on here. I'd say it's a good starting point for new listeners of the band. Die-hard fans already have it, I assume.