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Planet Skyclad is great to visit!! - 93%

ShatteredSky, March 10th, 2004

Though being far away to be a true metallic album, this one (and also many of the others) includes deeply thoughtful, sad and melodic songs. Two of them are covers (“Come on Eileen”, “Master race”) and one is a remix (“Penny dreadful”), but don’t forget it was their second release in 1996. As always, the song writing is full of pointed ironically remarks on many subjects of human life.
The tracks with a harsher outfit include “If I die laughing...” (religion criticism), “Bombjour” (French atomic bomb testing), the somewhat doomish “Badtime story” (my favorite), “Master race” and “Penny dreadful” (from “Irrational anthems”, about prostitution of the music industry).
Then we also have the very moving obituary-ballad “Constance eternal” plus the bittersweet story of “Jumping my shadow”. “Great blow for a day job”, the Faustian break-free from Your miserable run-of-the-mill life, is one of my all-time favorite lyrics.
“Postcard from planet Earth” sounds somewhat intermediate, and includes the phrase that should be considered by many tourists: “Planet Earth is great to visit, but You wouldn´t want to live there...”
Résumé: Though I listened to this album about 13795 times for the last weeks, it never wears of.