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Contains some real Skyclad anthems - 85%

morbert, October 10th, 2007

One of my favourite albums since it holds a few of my favorite Skyclad songs. Skyclad had previously released an album, “The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea”, on which the balance had somewhat shifted towards metal with folk influences instead of folk-metal. The songs on that particular album were in fact good, but on ‘Irrational Anthems’ the balance was there again.

The best songs presented here is the holy quartet ‘Inequality Street’, ‘Penny Dreadful’, ‘No Deposit, No Return’ and ‘History Lessons’ which all three have marvellous lyrics, are very compact, have extremely good choruses and combine folk and metal in the most natural way.

These four songs alone are reason enough already to get this album if you like folkrock and folkmetal. Not that I’m saying all the other songs are bad. Not at all. These four however are by far the best. The folkmetal interpretation of the Aram Khachaturian compositon ‘Sabre Dance’ is entertaining although I do prefer the Toy Dolls version (Wakey Wakey 1989) over this one.

However, because not all songs share the same level of quality, I must be honest in my judgement. The earlier mentioned 4 songs would easily get 95 to 99 points but the album as a whole would ‘only’ get 85 points from me.