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Skyclad Experiments A Little, But Still Very Good! - 90%

lordmaltreas, November 28th, 2006

Skyclad decided to take a more melodic and experimental approach; certainly not a bad thing, this album is rather enjoyable. For the most part, the folk music is still intact, and there are bits of thrash here and there. No, this isn't anything like their very early records, and it has more of a radio quality.

There are some hits and misses on the album, and what you might have thought was a miss at first might suddenly turn out to be a major hit. This occurred alot during my first spin, and those who might have been told this album lacks what the others had, should just give it another listen.

There is a great deal of experimenting here; take the song "science never sleeps" as a very good example of this. I also found it quite interesting that there were two instrumental tracks on this album, one being light and the other heavy. The main point is that the experimenting makes you want to listen to the album a bit more, if you're into experimentation, of course. If not, you may want to stick with the older material. Regardless; Skyclad has always done some experimenting, and in this album it seems they were at their strongest.

If you're a fan of the other records, and haven't heard this one, give it a try. Ignore all the talk until you've heard it yourself. You might find it a real gem.