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Skyclad's best offering - 98%

Muloc7253, July 21st, 2007

I've been a Skyclad fan for some good few years now, and after hearing near enough everything (including the Clan Destined demo, which had Walkrier on vocals) I have to say this is definately their most greatest offering. First of all, any Sabbat-type sound their older albums might have had are gone now, this is barely even thrashy anymore, sounding more of a blend of British folk music and modern heavy metal. Infact, there's much less folk parts on this too, besides the violin and the occasional melody.

Also, this has basically all of Skyclad's best songs...Inequality Street, Penny Dreadful, No Deposit, I Dubious, Science Never Sleeps, History Lessens etc etc. Not only that, but Walkyrier's mind-blowing lyrics (he really has to be the best metal lyricist of all time) are at their very best here. Really well written stuff like 'a simple matter of heads and tails/its their coin so they can choose/breed a beast with two of each/so in the end they cannot lose' (Science Never Sleeps) and 'now dont get CROSS/dont bite your NAILS/oh son of man your missions failed' (The Sinful Ensemble).

Everyone is at their prime here - the riffs are brilliant and heavy, the violin is just as high calibur as ever, as are the actual guitar solos, the production is fantastic and Walkier's vocals are just as harsh (yet desipherable) as ever. Other reviews described this as 'experimental' but I don't really see how.

In short, this is the best album from what is probably the best metal band of the 90's.