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More Like, Kumstrike! - 95%

SweetLeaf95, February 14th, 2020

Caligari Records has a knack for releasing really brief but solid slabs of sounds unpleasant to normal ears that roam the Earth. Skumstrike not only fits that bill perfectly, but theirs blooms from influences planted in different types of soil. Execution Void is roughly fifteen minutes of non-stop compact energy in the form of five quick tracks, dipping its toes in crossover thrash, black metal, powerviolence, and perhaps crust.

The commonality between everything is how ferocious it is, no matter the approach. They smoothly drop their punk and metal roots in waves that are never slow, save for the intro, and the final track. The harsh, almost blackened vocals on every song allow them to stick firmly to that foundation as well. “Filth” is exactly how it should sound, a tune that borders Municipal Waste-type delivery and would satisfy any beer-toting mosher. But the next two tracks, “The Deserter” and “Lethal Injection,” add so much more from the punk spectrum, including breakdowns that are more than just repeated chugs. The latter then finishes off on a more direct and thrashy note.

That takes us to “Thousand Eyes,” which feels more blackened than anything on here. Tremolos shower this one from start to finish, and for good measure, they throw in groovy breaks into the second half. The closing track “The Lie” is just a crusty combination of all of this, feeling almost incomprehensible. This is the only one to use a slower riffing approach, causing an epic break containing a hard stomp. This then molds into one last reprise of extreme speed and vocal outbursts before cutting off. What a way to go out!

Things with this much powerviolence or crust in the ingredients can be hit or miss, and Execution Void is right on the money! It’s as frightening as the artwork and title suggest, it’s consistent the whole way through, and it satisfies the thirst of many different types of extreme music lovers. If you crave all things harsh, fast, and generally unpleasant, this is for you.

Originally written for Indy Metal Vault