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neatly plastered to the floor - 74%

Cosmic Mystery, March 25th, 2020

No compromises, just reliable blackened speed/punk metal is all you'll get here on Skumstrike's 2nd ep Execution Void. Comprised of a diverse triple threat team, 15 minutes of blasting fury put the burn to the speakers with high velocity riffing, drumming and shouting. Apparently the members share different geographic origins, with LA hailing from Ireland, ZS from Singapore and FD being of French Canadian descent, so in turn you end up with one hell of a tril-lingual musical maelstrom. 'Filth', 'The Deserter', 'Lethal Injection', 'Thousand Eyes' and 'The Lie' spray flammable liquids indiscreetly for 15 minutes straight with barely any breaks or interruptions. Not quite the fancy display; however, you'd find some technical though catchy guitaring appear on 'The Lie' to keep the album moving. Mashing together noise and blackened speed, Execution Void hides nothing from the listener; as bright, heavy, fast and loud as the Tunguska Meteor strike, these songs spell out destruction with no stammering. Fairly candid mostly, though you can hear the diverse influences clash against each other and ball-up only to exploded and shatter everything within its sonic radius.

They've been lots of new bands trying to play this ugly form of black/speed/punk metal but only ever mange to sound.... ugly which is easy but Skumstrike is different. Though they manage to achieve that abrasive tuning, their songs instrumentation otherwise display a neatness that may be considered foreign to the medium, and to their benefit, appeals to the listener not wanting to down in a pool of monotonous instrumental clatter. Definitely a band to keep on the lookout for should their future music utilize the same disciplines as demonstrated on Execution Void.