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Great American Power Metal! - 95%

Midknight, January 1st, 2005

Well, I have to say that this album was the first chance I got to hear Skullview and it doesn't dissapoint. I actually received this from Dean at the first Classic Eighties Metalfest back in 2001 right after they found out that they weren't going to be able to play that night. Needless to say, after all I had heard about them and how much I was looking forward to seeing them play live, I was pissed. On the other hand, I was happy to have received this CD from Dean himself and was even happier that I had their new album in my hands that I could blast in my car on my way home from the show.

Since the first time I heard this, I've caught up on all of Skullview's material and I have to say that Consequences of Failure is indeed my favorite. There isn't one dull moment on this great album. The opening track 'Time For Violence' is a fast and furious piece of metal. "Earthquake" Quimby's vocals throughout the song are ear-piercing to say the least. The next track 'Skullview (Warrior)' is my personal favorite on the album. The energy and galloping riffs on this track are tremendous. There are even a few songs on here that would be considered epic in nature. The next song 'Palace Of The Boundless Cold' and 'Seek The Old Man For Knowledge' are perfect examples of this. On these tracks, Skullview are able to back off a bit and pull you in with some great storylines and fantasy-inspired guitar leads. The last track is a great cover of 'Digital Bitch' off of Black Sabbath's classic 1983 album 'Born Again'.

There isn't really alot to say here other than this is a great American Power Metal classic. Every song they have written has became an instant favorite of mine. Unfortunately, since the release of this album, vocalist "Earthquake" Quimby, is no longer with the group. New vocalist Eric Flowers does however show alot of promise with the band and I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing their next full length. Call them Heavy Metal, Classic Metal, Power Metal, True Metal or whatever else you want. One thing is for sure, fans of classic metal sounding bands such as Judas Priest, Saxon, Exciter or Accept should pick this up as soon as possible and experience one of America's greatest (and often overlooked) pure metal bands!