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Skinless > Progression Towards Evil > Reviews > JeromeThomas
Skinless - Progression Towards Evil

Progression Towards Evil - 85%

JeromeThomas, May 13th, 2022
Written based on this version: 1998, CD, Step Up

The New York strain of death metal is one of my favourites thanks to the many brutal bastards that have put out excellent music over the years. Skinless is a pretty underrated NYDM band that leans on the brutal side and one whose discography is more or less consistently good. Their debut full-length, Progression Towards Evil, is an absolute classic of knuckle-dragging brutal death that pulls the listener in and beats their head to a pulp repeatedly before forcefully shoving their brain matter back inside through their rectum. I find one of Skinless’ positives in this album to be their tongue-in-cheek nature and that they never really take themselves too seriously. The samples used are just plain silly as well as their goofy, stupid lyrics. That doesn’t take anything away from the actual music, however, which I’ll be getting into now.

This album is largely groovy and chuggy which I enjoy, especially the first song, Confines of Human Flesh. Plain stupid heavy riffs that still sound somewhat technical. There are also some slam riffs present, for example in the album closer, Crispy Kids. Sherwood Webber’s gutturals are superb and just add to the disgusting heaviness of the music. Groove after groove is unleashed upon the listener’s ears with Webber’s growls killing any remaining brain cells left. The drums keep the momentum going perfectly with some blast beats thrown in periodically for good measure. I like the snare tone here as well, you can hear some hints of the pingy snare common in BDM nowadays. Lastly, the bass is pretty prominent as well, like in the song Bobbing for Heads. It’s not common that you find bass so high in the mix, but Skinless have done a good job here with it.

Progression Towards Evil is an all-around superb slab of brutality and heaviness in the classic NYDM vein. It’s no-frills, dumb, stupid, heavy brutal death that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. Great debut from a great band.