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Great and overlooked album! - 89%

Xeper, March 22nd, 2003

Wow. I always thought Skid Row were a glam band (no, my knowledge of their early stuff circa the s/t album isn't as expansive as the next guy's maybe, but I'd heard bits and pieces here and there, and didn't like what I heard). But a friend of mine who works in a record store happened to throw this album on one day, and it Aerosmith were a heavy fucking metal band, it might sound like this (take note, I don't even like Aerosmith). Fact is, this album's got great bluesy guitar work and CRUSHING riffs, especially on the opener Monkey Business. Nothing on this album is particularly fast (the title track is probably the fastest-paced song on here, and it's not exactly lightning speed), and I wouldn't have it any other way. The songs are energetic where they should be, and just lay back and rock out at other times with classy solos and Sebastian Bach's absolutely mind-blowing vocals. It's no wonder he was on Broadway, his voice is ridiculously good. What a range! Goddamn. There's something really heavy about this album, but it's not just amplification (though it has that too). The riffs are heavy in a groovy/blues-metal kind of way (Monkey Business, Psycho Love, The Threat), and some of the songs have those shout-along gang choruses that you know must be killer in concert (Riot Act, Slave to the Grind). Some of the songs aren't as remarkable as others, but most of the album is really fucking solid and a standout addition to my meager collection! Two thumbs way up, check it out, you might be pleasantly surprised.