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Heavier, but far less consistent - 54%

UltraBoris, August 21st, 2002

Okay, now this album just cannot possibly be mistaken for glam. Ever. Unless you are some sort of fucking idiot, in which case you probably think "Slayer is speed metal, you cunt!" But, I digress...

There are some really fucking great thrashers here, and then some songs that just don't make much sense. The thing here is, that Skid Row really aren't capable of writing a good midpaced song that just doesn't turn boring. The first album had that sort of problem too for the most part - the most exciting songs were the upbeat ones, with the only exception being "18 and Life".

On here, we start with two fucking insane songs - Monkey Business, well, it has an acoustic intro verse, and then suddenly we're going about 714 miles per hour through the chorus. Sebastian Bach really does well on the vocals here - melodic and powerful at the same time. Next, "Slave to the Grind". The best damn song Skid Row ever did. "YOU CAN'T BE KING OF THE WORLD, IF YOU'RE SLAVE TO THE GRIND."

Total fucking speed metal. That song gives new meaning to the word "maximum ownage" - not supposed to be headbanging this much, I'm not listening to Painkiller.

Oh then the album falls apart quite quickly. "The Threat" is pretty boring, and so is "Quicksand Jesus." "Get the Fuck Out" is okay, but really it could've been so much more if the chorus didn't get completely misplaced - the way "get the fuck out!" is said, it's more sarcastic than aggressive, and the corresponding dropping of the guitars completely ruins the song.

"Riot Act" is the only other song that comes out of nowhere and destroys without mercy. Yep, you guessed it, it's pretty damn fast.

So there's three really good songs here, the rest forgettable. Man, if Skid Row had wanted to, they could've put out one of the best damn speed metal albums ever - those three songs feature catchy 80s sensibility, great riffs, really good vocal performance, everything... but no, then they decided to waste the rest of the album. Society's loss, I presume.