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This is pure heavy metal. - 92%

Benign_Hypocrite, September 5th, 2003

This is the second release of Skid Row "Slave To The Grind".After the splendid first album "Skid Row" the Skids are back with an amazing album.This album is much heavier,however this disc was successful but not as their first.If you think that Skid Row is a "glam" band you must listen to this work and the following "Subhuman Race".The band had supported this album by touring with Pantera.The album starts with "Monkey Bussiness",this song has a intro which reminds me blues songs but then Sebastian screams and a great riff crams into the song.From this first track you understand that this album would be heavier than the first.The second song is the album track "Slave To The Grind" fast,pounding and heavy,this is a ripping song, pure heavy metal.The chorus is also incredible in this song.This is one of my favorites in this disc also because of the wicked guitar rhythm and the angry vocals of Sebastian Bach.Amazing song!The album continues with another powerful and heavy song "The Threat".There also three powerful ballads in this album with the first being "Quicksand Jesus",this song has a stunning rhythm and melody,one of the best songs in this album.The vocals of Sebastian Bach fit perfectly with the tune of this song.After this ballad the album continues to smash with the fifth song "Psycho Love" this song has a very good bass intro and an amusing rhythm.The sixth track however is better and the name of this song is "Get The Fuck Out" which has a great heavy guitar riff and a strong rhythm.This is song is terrific pure heavy metal.The seventh song "Livin' On Chain Gang" is full of energy and heaviness this song contains a great guitar riff and a ripping chorus.One the best in this album.The album keeps to strike heavily with "Creepshow" another good song.The eighth song is one of the most emotional ballads of Skid Row "In A Darkened Room" the lyrics of this song are wonderful,the song starts with a melodic guitar tune which hypnotizes you.The chorus of this song is also great and the vocals of Sebastian Bach are full of passion,yes this man has one of best voices i've ever heard he is awesome.The album continues with two heavy songs "Riot Act" and "Mudkicker" two songs with heavy powerfull riffs check them out.The album closes with another power ballad "Wasted Time" the solo of this song is stunning too, this song is full of passion and feelings too.One of my best power ballads!The production of the album is very good heavy still melodic.Skid Row kick ass in this album and all of you that you are saying that this is just a glam rock band go listen to this pure heavy metal album.The guys know how to write powerful heavy catchy songs.If you liked the first album or you are heavy metal fan you must take this album.