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Old Songs Rehashed - 70%

VilliThorne, July 4th, 2012

Insane Records are a label from Sweden that not many people have heard of, nor is there much information about them or their activity status. However, thus is the label that brought the second release by Skeletonwitch to light; a demo that was given away free at their shows in 2005.

Overall, there isn't much to comment on here as far as the content goes. Of the three tracks, only "Fire From the Sky" is new. "The Skullsplitter" and "Onward to Battle" were taken directly from the bands full-length debut release, At One With the Shadows. This is a shame since the production quality on "Fire From the Sky" is slightly superior, but a good effort to get their name out at the time and hey, it was free.

In the new song, "Fire From the Sky", the vocals featured take on the now signature depth that Chance Garnette is known to produce, along with his shrill highs and growling demonic mediums. A true look at what was to come on their later release, all three songs are included in higher quality glory on Beyond the Permafrost.

- Villi Thorne