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Almost There - 78%

Doomrock, January 24th, 2008

This is actually quite a good album, a thrash group with black/death metal elements that make for a quality listening experience. The songs have a good degree of variance, and each member plays his instrument capably.

That being said, there are pieces missing here. The biggest weak point was the production. Upon listening, it sounds as though they were trying to go for an authentic 80's metal sound, but it doesn't quite work. While the album is mixed well and is very heavy, there seems to be a lot missing on the guitars. The tone on the solos sounds weak, and sometimes it gives otherwise solid ideas an amateurish quality.

The solos themselves are unimpressive, and only seem to be present for the sake of having guitar leads. While Nate and Scott are capable musicians, there isn't a whole lot of substance there, and the weak sound makes the leads fall flat entirely.

What does work is the black metal aspect, it has a fine classic black metal "wall of sound" that adds dimension to the songs, which they use tastefully. While there are other so-called "black thrash" bands, Skeletonwitch does not pigeonhole themselves in as being more of one than another, but an excellent mix of the two where none of the elements seem out of place.

The vocals by Chance Garnett are outstanding, a solid evil sound without being too raspy or screamy. It works very well with the style that they have created. The vocal sound definitely outweighs the lyrical content, which is mostly based around the blood/ice/fire/murder themes that are comfortable for most extreme metal bands.

The rythym section is as good as it has to be, with neither bass or drums trying to outshine the guitars or vocals.

All in all I would recommend this album, it's a welcome departure from the glut of US mallcore bands that have sprung up, and there is enough of older and newer styles at work to please a good portion of the metal crowd. There is plenty of room for growth here, and I am looking forward to the next Skeletonwitch album.