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Like being tossed into a centrifuge... - 90%

Insomnia_Inc, September 9th, 2004

Don’t you love it when an absolutely stellar band just sneaks up on you?

Before they took the stage (you could take that literally in this case) at Club Rockit(in Toronto for those who don't live here), I didn’t know who they were. A band hasn’t made such an instant impact on me live like this is a while so of course I had to tell you folks about them.

At One With The Shadows is the debut album from Skeleton Witch from Athens, Ohio, yes I said debut.

What we have here is a 30 minute hellstorm of an album, Skeleton Witch combine elements of thrash, black metal, NWOBHM, and melodic death metal in order to create a hyper-aggressive and intense mesh that will full kick your ass and you will enjoy said ass kicking. This album has everything, crushing bass lines, great guitar work in the form of some monster riffs, maidenesque harmonies, drumming that feels you’ve been tossed into a centrifuge, and Chance’s primal screams work nicely as your own personal usher to the gates of hell.

I only have 2 real issues with this album and those are it’s too damn short, I want more Skeleton Witch dammit. The second is the production level, which really isn’t all that bad, maybe a tad bass heavy, but it’s not enough that it effects the listener’s enjoyment of the album.

As mentioned before this album has something pretty much any metal fan should enjoy, it’s most definitely worth a listen or five, they’re amazing live, and if you can get your hands on this album I strongly suggest you do so.