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Let us prey - 90%

Gremfard, May 6th, 2007

When I first heard a sample of this album through Amazon (being the only place I could listen to a sample), I loved it straight away. Being a big fan of old school death metal, it stuck to me instantly. It reminded me of Vital Remains' first full-length album, Let Us Prey, which I purchased not long ago.

Old school in every sense with great breakdowns and groovy drum beats. Vocals are like a thrashy version of death vocals with the occasional deep part, but are not that high-pitched early thrash sound.

Track lengths are very short, but are made up for by there being 19 of them. Sounds grindcore-y, but this is a pure death metal album with the only thing really thrashy about the album being probably the lyrics, being very comedic and as I call "I don't give a fuck"-style lyrics.

I recommend this album very much for fans of old school death or even extreme old school thrash fans. 90 out of 100 is a great score considering I listen to brutal & technical death metal as well. Give this one a chance. It will grow on you.