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Death to False Metal! - 95%

Zorn_Des_Lammes, September 11th, 2005

Skelator...One of San Diego's well known local bands. They play epic heavy metal with some power influences also. The sound quality in this EP is superb, clean, almost perfect. Swords contains 5 tracks of pure headbanging madness! The lyrics of the album were inspired by Michael Moorcock's epic story of Corum and the army of chaos.The first song "Death to The False" is dedicated to the slaying of posers...the lyrics make me want to shout with my fist in the air !
Kill, Kill, Kill the False!
Kill For the Metal Gods!
Kill, Kill, Kill the False!
Kill for Skelator!
Great chorus and solo in this song. The following song "The Time of Sword Rulers" is and intro to "The Coming of Chaos" which is one of the best tracks in this EP. It starts off with a nice guitar opening, and has a catchy solo during the middle, a great track! The next song "Heavy Metal Sacrifice" is an old school heavy metal song that talks about getting drunk and partying! Great guitar work, and it has a nice bass solo during the end...a very bold song! Their last song "The Wrath of Odin's Sons" is a 15-minute epic begins slow..the lyrics are about The Vikings slaying the Christians in Briton by the name of Odin. Very innovative lyrics if you ask me..there is even a little black metal part in the song, all In all...This is one of 2005's best albums, I highly recommend this.