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"...But what is this? He is here!" - 95%

FATUR, April 18th, 2006

Skelator from San Diego are a living proof that there still exist great bands in the underground these days. Their lyrics deal with Masters Of The Universe series, True Metal and other more common Metal carnage. Music is raw, old school sounding True/Heavy/Speed/whatever Metal. You know - the real thing. Influences can be heard (Manowar, Mercyful Fate etc.), but all-in-all it's something special and quite original (especially the vocals).

This demo is downloadable for free form Skelator's official website and includes eight tracks. First one, Nightstalker, introduces us to Skelator's crazy vocals and has a lot of breaks and rhythm changes. Riders Of The Wehrmacht countinues with a bit more steady feel. Next one is called She-Ra and includes an uptempo part in the middle. The fourth one, Skelator, starts with a clean guitar intro and then gets very heavy, but also includes some rhythm changes and fast parts. Next track is some kind of intro (or maybe an intermission) and is really nicely done. The sixth one is called Wrath Upon the Cross and it's something like the first four. And then there are two epics at the end. First of them is Crusade and is a really great track with a lot of riffs, rhythm changes and other neat Skelatorian parts. And the second epic (and the last song on the demo) is the title track - Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death. This one is a great hymn, an ode to the one-and-only real true fuckin' Heavy Metal. "Give me Metal or give me death, Heavy Metal or feel my wrath!" Oh, yeah!

Production could be better (but it's not bad at all), but don't forget that this is just a demo. Anyway, when you hear the songs you know that the Skelator guys mean it for real. I think they really deserve a record deal. I'm taking off 5% just to motivate them to make it sound even tighter and I wish them all the luck and support. And a big thank you for keeping the true Metal alive! So, if you like the REAL Heavy Metal, you should get this demo right now!