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Når Alt Mørkner - 90%

vempirechrist, March 13th, 2014

This is the review as I wrote it for

FINALLY, the Sjukdom CD arrived in the mail, and therefore this is my last (probably) review concerning releases from 2013. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the 3 track promo earlier, and “Når Alt Mørkner” has been an eagerly awaited debut album. Sjukdom is made up by: Avsky (vocals), Natt (drums), Hul (guitars) & Pesta (bass). They hail from Tromsø, way up north in Norway.

It’s a hint of old school with good production, in-your-face cold melodic black metal. Yep, it can be grim and melodic too. It’s well-produced and well-balanced. No part of the lineup really outshines the others as they are all well audible in the soundscape, with a VERY solid performance by Avsky on vocals. Just as cold & grim as you’d expect considering how long it’s dark up there in the north.

What’s even more awesome is the addition of Pesta on bass. She is hammering away at it as if she’s trying to excorcise christ himself from the instrument. Sure there are a lot of female backing singers in black metal, but I’m not sure if I have heard of many actually playing in a black metal band.
Natt brilliantly complements the bass, making the tracks just that much better. It might not be the most technical drumming that’s displayed here, but he sure sounds like he knows what he’s doing, and it’s not so much about the technical aspect as long as the right feel is there.
And finally we have Hul, who ties it all together with tasty, mighty riffs. Everything is stitched beautifully together, making this yet another highlight of the past year.

Among these many fine tracks, such as “Alt For Norge”, “Atomvinterkulten”, “Ordo Pestis”, “Vår Hedenske Fane” etc. we find a real gem. The album closer, “Dødsengel”, a 10 minute delight and brilliant display of how it can, and should be done. This track simply must be heard!
It’s finding bands like this that really helps restore faith in the Norwegian underground, which seems to be bursting with creativity as of late. And I eagerly await the sequel from Sjukdom.

I have been struck by disease, as will you all!