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Six Reasons to Kill - Reborn - 90%

Invaginator, October 24th, 2006

Well, I'm not kinda the biggest fan of Death Metal mixed with other non-Death Metal-or-Grind styles, but since there are a few very good and interesting bands, that mix Death Metal with Metalcore, and create crushing music (you can only describe Six Reasons to Kill as "crushing"). And I was not very excited when I threw the 'Reborn' release into the player, but when the first song started, the music impressed me at first. Their mix of non-gay Melodic Death Metal (Carcass & At the Gates, old school) and non-gay Metalcore made me curious. I never heard of the band before, although they exist since 1999. 'Reborn' represents their second Full Lenght, releasing between this and the first, 'Kiss the Demon', only 2 Splits, with Deadlock and Absidia, both from Germany, both in the same vein as Six Reasons to Kill (further SRtK). Most of those bands mixing different styles don't succeed, but fail in their attempt, and they deserve it. But not SRtK.

After the first song, which is a perfect opener for the rest of the album, "Symbols of Ingorance", a Melodic Death Metal song par excellance, they follow up with "Cutting Away" - beginning with blast beats and becoming really Metalcore after that. And just like I said before, this band has some old school Melodic Death Metal influences, and Carcass and AtG is the best influence you can have. This shows "Retribution", one of my favorite songs from the release. SRtK also shot a video for this song - a simple video, but it represents the band's music perfectly. Christian Valk throws in some clean vocals, but thank god they don't fuck it up, no, they just straighten it up. With "Against All Enemies" they made a song with a great sing-along chorus, a real Metalcore-style song. And be sure, you will bang your heads and shout "Destroy all all enemies, that fight against you, against all enemies, justify your war."

The cover of their sophomore release states the album title - 'Reborn' - an anthropomorph insect, with the head of a human and the body of an insect. Reminds me a bit of 'Morphology of Fear', their Split with Absidia. Their record does much to represent and advertise their bands. Especially since Marco Andree, the guitar player of SRtK, is the owner of Bastardized Recordings. They have a wide range of bands, from Grindcore, over Death Metal to Metalcore. And most of the bands sound kick ass, like SRtK, Heaven Shall Burn and Japanische Kampfhörspiele.

And they show that they can combine all these styles into one - just listen to "Dying Peace"; roaring guitars, screaming vocals, pounding drums, and heads that bang the ground. SRtK perfectly mix fast Melodic Death Metal with slow and groovey Metalcore, adding from time to time some Grind to it, and the final product is a release that Metalcore ain't a style that will ruin Death Metal, at least if the right bands combine it in the right way, then it will contribute great and replenishing music. The totally represent the progress of Death Metal with their bashing music, and Bastardized is doing well with having bands like SRtK on their roster.