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Humble Beginnings - 43%

Vautour, October 9th, 2012

While a better future lay ahead of them, the early Six Reasons to Kill were plagued by line-up changes and the overall mediocrity of their songs. "Kiss the Demon" sadly has very little in common with the later band highlights "Reborn" and "Another Horizon".

First of all, the one main reason why metalcore fans might be interested in this album: Two later members of German metalcore export Caliban performed on this, Patrick GrĂ¼n (drums) and Marco Schaller (guitar in 6RtK, bass in Caliban). Despite this, "Kiss the Demon" doesn't actually sound like the more recent albums of both bands, but are more reminiscent of the early Caliban albums, where they still sloppily copied Slayer riffs and combined them with breakdowns - the main difference between early Caliban and early Six Reasons to Kill being that the latter rather stuck to Six Feet Under instead of Slayer.

"Kiss the Demon" focuses on completely different musical aspects than "Reborn" does. Mostly, this means that the riffing on the whole album is a lot less melodic and memorable on this album - basically, the music sounds a lot less elobrate than it would later evolve. The music is heavy and the vocals are intense, but both lacks direction. Overall, the tough-guy metalcore influence is far bigger than the melo-death elements.

That doesn't mean that the album is completely bad, though. Songs like "Coldness" are nice by themselves, but over the course of a full album, the material simply severely lacks in diversity. While this is attributed to metalcore often enough already, the problem here isn't the predictable strucure of verse - chorus - breakdown - verse - chorus; it's rather that there are practically no hooks and memorable choruses at all. The overall instrumental and vocal performance is okay, but the material just isn't that good to begin with.

Luckily, the band took some time off to restructure after "Kiss the Demon" and only released the follow-up album almost five years after this - and "Reborn" was well worth the wait. But that is a different topic; as far as this one is concerned: Check it out if you feel you have to, but don't tell me I didn't warn you.