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Well okay this was...uhhh... - 30%

flippyinvader, March 3rd, 2018
Written based on this version: 2001, CD, Metal Blade Records (Limited edition, Digipak, Slipcase)

If there's one I don't get other than the hatred for glam and nu metal; it's the likeability for the sound of death metal, my guess it just for the crazy solos and cookie monster vocals every uninformed metalhead compares all metal too; seems contradictory but whatever.

Death metal is one of those genres I haven't fully dipped my feet in but hope to find some good material from; starting with "Six Feet Under".....bad move. This is the band started by former "Cannibal Corpse" vocalist "Chris Barnes", and I've heard very little praise for this band. I know about those infamous cover albums that do their original counterparts no justice (seriously Duran Duran's "Thank You" was better than those cover albums) but after hearing this album, I'm quite scared to view their other albums.

I know Chris Barnes is regarded as one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) death metal vocalists of all time, and this partially true, his low death growls are impressive but can get tiring and drone-y if your ears are exposed to it for too long, but the worst thing is these high pitched screeches he does like he's in a fucking deathcore band, they sound TERRIBLE, espcially on the song "One Bullet Left" where he screeches "BLEEEEEEEED!" right before Ice-T's verses start, if I wanna hear someone scream "bleed" I'll listen to Soulfly's version with Fred Durst and DJ Lethal.

This album can pretty much represent every stereotype people think metal has, and every stereotype death metal has; a majority of these songs are all about the same lyric matter: carving, destroying, doing other things to either live humans or dead bodies, a necrophiliac's favorite album basically. This album might fool you into thinking these songs are about something different with a title like "It Never Dies", "The Murderers", "Cadaver Mutilator", "Waiting For Decay", but really it's the same song & dance. Only interesting parts come in a triple threat; "The Day The Dead Walked", "One Bullet Left" and "Necrosociety"; the first actually being a tale of zombies rising from the grave and starting a new apocalypse, almost serves as a precursor to "Die & Rise" by Lacuna Coil, the latter is sort of a cult calling song; with Chris Barnes who will gladly bring/force people into joining in his blood & guts fueled massacre, and then there's "One Bullet Left" which is a death RAP metal song featuring Ice-T (who you metalheads might know from Body Count) and honestly he makes this song!. Chris does his usual gory descriptions while Ice-T talks about shooting up your neighborhood, kids, your spouse and just about everybody else! Honestly it's kinda funny and you deserve to hear it for yourself, Ice really steals this song.

Well, I must say this album does get one right, getting production as filthy and gross as it's lyrics, seriously WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to this thing? It's not like it's suffering from the loudness war but everything is so heavily compressed? the bass is barely audible, the kick drum has barely any punch to it and the guitars all have this heavily crunchy tone. This would sound great on a very old groove metal album or a demo but on the 4th commercial death metal album, this is sloppy as hell; and this is coming from Brian Slagel, a man who has mixed and produced tons of death metal albums (including working with Six Feet Under before) so this is inexcusable.

Bottom line I see why people don't really give this band respect; they're the Limp Bizkit of death metal (even though I enjoy the LB).