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This isn't funny, it's just stupid... - 25%

TheSunOfNothing, August 30th, 2009

If you're a metalhead, chances are you probably hate Six Feet Under. I hate them too, don't worry, but I'm actually somewhat impressed by this album! Or at least I was, for about 10 minutes.

Chris Barnes really hammers the fuck out of these tracks, for once. His deep growls sound like he just came out of the studio for "Tomb of the Mutilated", which is a definate good thing as his vocals were pretty good there. One complaint however, is that his high vocals are way too screechy and sound like shit. The human voice was not meant to go that high, sorry Chris.

The guitar riffs are far more death metal sounding than any of their other albums that I've heard. That's not to say they are good sounding, and the traces of Nu-metal which dominate the putrid "Bringer of Blood" album are beginning to take hold (although they may have been in one of the albums between this and "Warpath", I'm not sure). Nice work on the tone too.

The bass guitar is largly inaudible, and fuck dude, it's tone is HORRIBLE. I cannot stress how annoying it is to listen to "BMMMMMMMMMMMM BMMMMMMM BRROWWWWW BRRRRMMMMMMM", regardless of how long it appears. There is way to much bass in the frequencies, thus making it inaudible, but it does help the production and make it more brutal.

The drumming is just as boring as you would expect from Greg Gall. All he ever does is do the standard rock beat and every now and then, do a blast beat. He's honestly a completly pointless drummer, and he adds nothing to this band's sound. His drumming makes Aaron Gillespie (Underoath) look like Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), if you catch my drift.

The songs themselves are of far higher quality than I originally expected. The track "The Day the Dead Walked" and the track "Waiting For Decay" are both very good tracks, and "Impulse to Disembowel" isn't too shabby either. However, the putrid "One Bullet Left" takes away any real hope of this album getting an actually "positive" review, as I originally planned, mostly due to the use of *gulp* rapping vocals....

....What a horrible idea. And of all rappers to choose, why Ice-T? He sounds like a 15 year old Fred Durst rapping about how much he wants to kill anyone who criticizes Limp Bizkit. I honestly can't think of an idea that could be worse than putting a rapper in a death metal song (although I do like it when Necro did it on "The Prefix For Death", but I digress). The rest of the song mostly just Ice-T shouting random shit. I guess I can be glad they got a real rapper to do it though instead of Chris himself.

After that sad excuse for a song, ANOTHER terrible song appears, called "Knife Gun Axe", this time without any rapping vocals (thank god), but the pace is very slow and the song is boring as fuck. It's the kind of song that would have been on the album "Warpath". Now we have a nu-metal like track that focuses soley on Chris randomly growling "SNAKES!!!" (the title of the song, obviously). There are only two parts of the song. One that is a breakdown, and another where Chris growls random things a snake would do. Then we have the song "Sick and Twisted", which contains some random girl, who backs Chris's now unbearable vocals with random black metal shreiks. After that piece of shit, "Cadaver Mutilator" appears. FINALLY another death metal song!!! It reminds me alot of Cannibal Corpse on "Butchered at Birth". The closing track is "Necrosociety". It sounds like all the other songs in a nutshell, nothing special.

In conclusion, it is not suggested that you buy this album. If you really like SFU, it'd be the album I'd choose, but expect the worst, or in this case, the best SFU can do.