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This is what marijuana abuse gets you. - 23%

SupremeAbstract, March 23rd, 2008

Ok, I understand that this album is poorly received among most of the viewers of this website, as well as the rest of Six Feet Under’s albums. I also understand that the band had completely disintegrated into a pile of sludgy cannabis coated nonsense a couple albums back. And yes, this album does have a song with Ice Cube (or Ice T, who cares anyway) rapping about shooting his gat off and busting down the door to your crib and all that stupid bullshit. I know those are all perfect reasons to hate this album, and why shouldn’t they be. However, this is one of the first metal albums I ever owned. When I was not but 16 years old, I traded one of my mall core Cds for this. I was fascinated by everything I found therein. The music was almost as gruesome as the album cover, and I absolutely loved it. Fortunately (or unfortunately, for this album), my maturity and tastes have evolved in the past 5 years, and I can look at this album with a more experience eye.

The music on True Carnage is basically pure sludge. The guitars are tuned down by three and a half steps, down to a low A. This, combined with the amps with the gain turned up to 11 and drum heads so loose that they sound wet and sloppy, makes the music sound sickeningly sludgy. Slow, sluggish song structures only help to intensify the impotency of the beast. A few descent doomy riffs aside, the guitar work is 100% half-assed at best, and never during the whole album does the drum work impress. I guess it would be appropriate to mention the fact that the bass is almost completely inaudible in the mix due to the fact that it is tuned down so far, but since it doesn’t ever try to do anything anyway it doesn’t really matter.

On top of all that, Chris Barnes, whose vocal chords have been mangled by years of chronic marijuana abuse, vomits out his clichéd vocal lines and patterns with so little conviction he might as well be farting into a microphone. Purely useless. The ‘duet’ song with Karen Crisis isn’t much better. I have never been a fan of female singers growling or screaming, and Karen is no exception. Up until 2007, I didn’t even know it was a woman, and now that I do, I wish I still thought she was a man. A walking waste of vagina in my opinion, but that is a completely differently matter.

But the crowning moment of failure on True Carnage is the indefinably bad song “One Bullet Left.” While I am no hater rap ‘just because’, I still cannot understand why anyone would try to mix it in with a genre as juxtaposed to it as death metal (although I use that term lightly for this album.) Ice Cube’s solo rap begins about half way through the song, and, judging by the lyrical content, he apparently hates women, children, and any kind of authority that would dare stop his rampage of violence. Ok, perhaps he is exactly the same as every other rapper out there, and maybe I’m over analyzing it. But who cares. It still sucks.

So, looking back on it, should I of kept the mall core album instead of trading for this? Absolutely not. This album left a mark on my life that changed it for the better. But if you’re already listening to metal, please avoid this pile of shit at all costs, even if it means you have to listen to crappy modern death metal instead.