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Get haunted! - 95%

makaze, October 21st, 2004

Departure of Chris Barnes from Cannibal Corpse, just before recording of "Vile", was a direct shock to all death metal fans worldwide. Many of them said CC is dead and that nothing can save them. Well they were damn wrong - Alex and company released some of the best albums in career afterwards, while Barnes formed one more kick ass band - Six Feet Under. In the start, this was a super-project, featuring legends of death metal such Allen West (ex-Obituary, Lowbrow) and Terry Butler (ex-Death, Massacre), together with less known Greg Gall. Barnes stayed on vocals of course. All those people that had doubts about this new band could say nothing to "Haunted". This debut album of Six Feet Under was released in 1995 and it features classical, raw death metal. If you don't like it, you don't like death metal in general - it's that simple! This mid-tempo death metal stayed out of new brutal death metal wave and brought smiles to the face of old-school fans. "The Enemy Within", "Lycanthropy", "Beneath A Black Sky" and "Suffering In Ecstasy" are simply the metal hymns. Nothing more, nothing less. Guitars are heavy, some could say simple, but very catchy. Riffs are memorable, and you will hear yourself soon singing the powerful chorus. Barnes' vocals are dominant and nothing stands in his way. Not overproduced like on the last two SFU's releases, but simply heavy as a ten-ton hammer. You won't hear much leads, only few, here and there. But anyway, songs sound really good, you won't miss them. I think this is most honest album of Six Feet Under. The spirit of true death metal is here! It is true that their playing same simple death metal music, but hey, it's not all about playing something complex and new! Sometimes you just need a brutal music, you need a bunch of energy slapped into your face - and here you will find it - get haunted damn it!