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A pathetic attempt at death metal - 20%

goredisorder, June 14th, 2008

I know SFU recorded an entire cover album of AC/DC's, and not only is AC/DC gay to begin with but a cover album sounds pretty fucking lame. I actually saw it at the store and you can check with my sister, I said "what the shit." Anyways for this reason I was never interested in SFU. I've been a Cannibal Corpse fan since I was 14 and I actually have a preference for Chris Barnes over Corpsegrinder, and I have never even given this band a chance. Well finally, recently, I decided to check out the notorious Six Feet Under (Notorious S.F.U., metal's answer to hiphop), but only a non gay non cover album. So I went with Haunted. (Say this in your best newscaster voice:) this, is what I think of it.

Weak. I though this was death metal, man I should have done my research. This is that groove metal shit I try to avoid like herpes. I am even embarassed to know of such a label as 'groove metal.' The vocals are definitely death metal, and they're pretty competent, but that's as far as I'll go. Barnes definitely sounds better with Cannibal Corpse than here, but I guess the music plays some role in my admiration of his work in the former. The music is ridiculously slow, simplistic, and repetitive, and each song drags on and on. Haunted is sloppy and half-assed. It is a litte reminiscent of Lowbrow - which I realize came later, but is the best sound to compare it to. Except, while Lowbrow, though simplistic and upbeat, acheives a sound passable for death metal, Six Feet Under totally fails with Haunted. If I'd heard this 5 years ago I would have thought this is the heaviest shit ever, but with so much (well, some) quality and substantial and ACTUAL death metal that's filled my ears at this point, I am greatly disappointed by this album.This is just some slothlike groovy and apathetic shit.

I see my instincts to stay away from Six feet Under were right, and my punishment for not trusting my gut is a listen to Haunted. It seems popular opinion that this debut is SFU's opus magnum, and if this is the case I have no plans to give any of their other albums a listen. Actually an AC/DC cover album doesn't sound so bad after this. I'm sorry Chris, but I still love you.