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Obituary Rip off with Chris Barnes on vocals - 65%

draconiondevil, January 27th, 2010

This is where the “doomy” and “muddy” style presented on Cannibal Corpse’s The Bleeding really manifests itself. This album is basically “Stripped, Raped and Strangled” over and over again. You know, the riff after he says “face down, dead on the ground, five more before another is found”. Most of the riffs are like that, except some are a bit choppier. Take the riff in “Lycanthropy” for instance. Let’s take a more in-depth look shall we?

The album starts with a song called “The Enemy Inside”. It’s really not a bad song except for the slightly annoying chorus and the muddy groove riff in the verses. The guitar is pretty much like that. Muddy groove riffs everywhere. There are some good solos here and there though. The solo in the intro to “Still Alive” is really good and actually got me interested (not to mention it let me know that “Lycanthropy” was over. I wouldn’t have known otherwise!) You can really tell that Allen West is playing guitar on this album because a lot of it basically sounds like an Obituary album, minus the fast parts and the sick vocals. The riff at the beginning of “Beneath a Black Sky” is a complete rip off of the riff to “The End Complete” by Obituary!

The Bass on this album is completely inaudible due to the downtuning of the guitars and the production. The point of this album wasn’t to have bass though, it was to have a groovy death metal album that sounds like an Obituary rip off with Chris Barnes on vocals.

Talking about Mr. Barnes, his vocals are actually not what I was expecting. All I had heard from Six Feet Under before this was some of their newer stuff and on those recordings his vocals are atrocious! His vocals here though are actually not bad at all. You could argue that he sounds better on this album than he did a year earlier on The Bleeding. His vocals are deeper (ironically) and his shrieks aren’t as frequent. Overall the vocals on this album were a pleasant surprise.

There are very few fast parts on this album. The whole thing is very mid-paced so there isn’t really anything good to say about the drums. There are no blastbeats (not that that’s entirely a bad thing) and no interesting fills. There is double bass on this album but not fast intense double bass, except in the song “Suffering in Ecstasy”. That song is actually worth mentioning because of the drumming.

All in all, this album isn’t very good. It’s pretty much a mish-mash of Obituary and Cannibal Corpse. I would say you’re better off listening to those bands than this one. Also, if for some unknown reason you’re trying to get into this band, I would recommend this album as a place to start.


- Still Alive because of the solos
- Suffering in Ecstasy because it’s a break from the mid-paced songs on the album


- Beneath a Black Sky is an Obituary rip off
- The instrumentation isn’t really that good