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Decent - 68%

deathmetal69_, June 20th, 2019

Most of the albums that Six Feet Under have released are not good, but their debut isn't all that terrible. Throughout the years they've morphed into their own sound of this cheap-sounding "rock 'n' roll death metal" that isn't all that great. At least with Haunted they still had some originality and ideas. A decent little death metal album but not really a "great" one. Only an album to listen from time to time.

Started as a side project of ex-Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes and ex-Obituary guitarist Allen West, you'd probably expect something unique to happen, and that's actually what we got here. Basically Obituary with a Cannibal Corpse feel. Heavy deathgroove with some brutal vocals. Not bad, not a bad idea at all. The guitar is heavy while being played in a groovy style, the drums have a good sound, the snare is solid along with a heavy kick drum. The bass is pretty noticeable too, you'd think since this is a album that mixes death metal and groove metal that the bass wouldn't be noticeable, but it is. The guitar doesn't completely cover up the bass, which is excellent. Also, this is when Chris Barnes was last good at vocals. Here in Haunted theres some remnants of Cannibal Corpse in his growls, but after this release they complete fade away. This is the last time Chris Barnes actually sounded good. Rip Chris Barnes' vocals (1986-1995). The style of this album is pretty cool, but the whole thing would be infinitely better if SO MANY tracks weren't so boring.

This album is known pretty much for its first three tracks, but mainly the first two; The Enemy Inside and Silence Violence; as they are some of the band's most popular songs to date. Those two songs are absolute bangers, great openings, awesome riffs, song structures, drum beats, etc. Those two songs are fabulous guaranteed and will always be stuck in my head because they're genuinely catchy and creative. Since Haunted presented a slightly new style in the death metal scene, these songs stuck out a lot. Both songs are catchy and have memorable drum beats, riffs, and lyrics. Those two songs are the main focus of the album, but the first four tracks are actually good and worth your time. But that's not the case with the rest of the album. After the first four tracks, this album instantly lacks musical creativity and direction. Seriously, its like they had the first four tracks written greatly and ready to go, but when they had to come up with other songs they came to a writing block and lost all ideas. The first four tracks had something cool going on, I'm telling you, but the rest of the album is just downright boring. Dreadful and boring riffs, weak drum playing, slow tempos, generic as hell song structures. At this point the album is going absolutely nowhere. What a disappointment. This could've been so much better if they had more songwriting ideas.

This album has some originality, but executed badly. This is definitely one of the band's much much better works, but nowhere near an amazing one. Yeah, they had some ideas when writing this thing but towards the end they lost all direction and totally flopped. This album would've been great if they took the time to write better songs for the rest of the album. I don't recommend this album to anybody at all and I never will, but if you're trying out SFU for the first time, please PLEASE listen to this one first.