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Plodding, inane, soporific, and lame. - 18%

GrimAndFrostbitten, December 13th, 2003

Until tonight when I finally heard America the Brutal, this was the only Six Feet Under I've bothered hearing, since I got it for free from someone back in 1998, and I don't think I've listened to it since.

This is quite a pathetic excuse for "death metal," and I don't even consider it such. Though it has Chris Barnes growling away and semi-aggressive drumming, it's stylistically and structurally like sludge or hard rock most of the time. Though others may have different perceptions, this is what it mostly reminds me of, minus the detuning and harsh vocals. The guitar, mostly prevalent with a few riffs but quite a bit of groove elements, are almost always simplistic and weak, and almost remind me of AC/DC under the attempts at trying to be harsh. Though the drumming isn't bad at all, but doesn't do much to save most of the songs. The lyrics are kind of funny in their grossness, though. The vocals are easier to understand than Cannibal Corpse, and the growling just isn't as ugly -- it's almost out of place.

Worst of all, structurally, the utter chaos that defines death metal, inherited from Possessed, is JUST NOT THERE. Most of the songs don't build up to anything, and just plod along repetitively. There isn't any of the insanity and horrifying ugliness of early Carcass or Repulsion -- it's just all lame attempts at being "brutal."

The songs vary in their effect, and the album is a bit inconsistent. The Enemy Within is just boring. Silent Violence is plodding, but it's kind of funny. Lycanthropy is slow and soporific, and the lyrics are as cheesy as some of Grim Reaper's. Still Alive is plodding, but it's lightened up by some actual lead guitar, which would go along well with the style -- though then again, it's rather weak. Beneath a Black Sky is just boring.

Human Target is kind of catchy, and the main riff is memorable, but it's otherwise stupid. Remains of You is boring. Suffering in Ecstasy almost sounds thrashy and promising at the beginning, but they repeat that one damn riff for too long throughout the song, and the rest is boring. Tommorrow's Victim and Torn to the Bone are also boring, as is the final track, Haunted, which has some lead guitar but is otherwise dumb.

Some of the lyrics made me laugh in their cheesy grossness, and it has a few moments and redeeming features, but otherwise, this is lame, boring, and plodding. Extremely brutal death can seem boring to one desensitized to it, but this isn't brutal whatsoever, it's boring in the classic sense of plodding indirection -- 18 seems like an appropriate rating, off the top of my head. For those new to "death metal," simply avoid this and move on to anything else -- in fact, just go back to the beginning and get Possessed's Seven Churches, and find out what it's all about, and go from there.