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SFU best stuff, but that's not saying much. - 70%

FuckinBill, June 18th, 2008

Six Feet Under has always been a band that goes back and fourth between the lines of good death metal and complete shit. Aside from their other album Warpath, this might be the only album by them that I can completely listen to. Same goes for the man behind the band himself, Chris Barnes. His music has always been hit or miss with me, but he's really gone downhill since the last couple of SFU albums, voice wise. He was especially terrible on Torture Killers' Swarm! album. I cringe just thinkin' about it, eesshh.

Now as for this album, it's pretty good. Well it's good, ehhh it's okay. The songs can be a little repetitive at times. This is probably most notable in the song "Lycanthropy" (but this song is actually good so I don't mind that it's repetitive). The album begins with "The Enemy Inside" which is honestly a pretty solid start for the album. The guitars sound good, nice and crunchy, and the drums sound great too. The snares don't sound like distorted shit and the double bass is near perfect. The production on the whole album sounds really good, polished but not too much.

The next song "Silent Violence" is pretty good too. More crunchy riffs and shit like that. And Barnes' vocals were even good back then! He's got a good death metal voice but not the best in my opinion. The next song "Lycanthropy" is repetitive but good as I mentioned earlier. And then the next song is good but repetitive... and then the next, and the next, and the next, etc, etc. That's really the main problem with this album, this music is good, it just gets boring. After a while all the songs just begin to sound the same, it's like your listening to one forty minute long song.

They really should have tryed to do something more technical or different or interesting at least. Put something in their to change it up, make it unique, make something stand out. If only, I guess. Sadly this is pretty much the best stuff that SFU has to offer. Most of their other releases aren't any better. If you're thinking of checking out this band, make sure you get this album. That's all I can say, I don't want to say I recommend this to any death metal fan looking for some good death metal, but if you haven't heard them before or you got some free time, check it out. It's not a complete waste of time. But just to clarify this isn't a bad death metal album, it's just not the best. Far from it.