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The smelliest pile of crap you can find in the world of extreme music - 5%

The Clansman 95, April 13th, 2019

I'm not going to spend too much time writing this review, as I have already wasted almost an hour of my life listening to this thing. Going straight to the point, this is the worst pile of crap I've ever listened to. Damn me and my curiosity for making the decision to listen to this alb... ehm, thing.

What is it that makes this "album" so horrific, you ask? Well, imagine some of your favourite songs from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest being played note per note as in the original, but in a lower tuning. Then an old, disgustingly dirty and costipated stray dog on drugs comes and painfully barks something that is meant to resemble some "vocals" over the music. Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? Well, let me tell you, it is. Add some horrible production to the whole lot, and you basically have "Graveyard Classics IV".

On a more serious note, tons of vocal overlayering, reverb and effects aren't enough to hide the fact that Chris Barnes has irreversibly turned into a shit vocalist. Hell, I feel bad even just by calling him "a vocalist". He's not a vocalist, he's nothing more than a ridiculous old clown who's been making a fool of himself for the past twenty years or so, releasing shitty albums, demos, lives, compilations or whatever one after the other, just for the sake of making money thanks to those who are buying Six Feet Under's records only to have a good laugh at him.

I feel seriously bad, thinking that he who once stood as a living milestone in the world of extreme music, having been one of the founders of a legendary band named nothing less that Cannibal Corpse, that still to this day kicks ass*s and releases awesome music (without him, obviously), he who provided some of the most brutal and gruesome vocals in albums like "Tomb of the Mutilated" and "The Bleeding", has lowered, debased himself to such a pitiful, shameful state (if the way he sounds on this album isn't enough for you and you're not afraid of puking, just go on youtube and look for the videos of his 2019's live performances).

I can't find any redeeming qualities out of this thing, the only thing I can state is that I feel bad for the musicians behind this man, because they can actually play, but to be honest I'd rather be starving under a bridge or, better, do any other respectable job than be in a band with Chris Barnes. The fact that they accept to play with him is already something unforgivable, so I don't feel like giving this crap more than a 5%. Stay the hell away from this.