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A Mix Between Pathetic and Downright Disrespectful - 8%

DanielG06, July 21st, 2021

This cover album is complete garbage, the only redeeming quality is that the choice of songs that they covered are great. Apart from that, there's nothing about this record that I enjoy whatsoever. Firstly, the entire album is downtuned to shit, ruining most of the riffs. It almost seems as if Six Feet Under was trying to parody classics such as Holocaust and Son of a Bitch. The purpose of covering songs is to respect them, and solidify their iconic qualities, as well as expressing how the song has had an effect on your music tastes. However, when the performance of the covers are so awkward, lifeless and outright obnoxious. Also, Six Feet Under is a death metal band. So naturally, when they try to perform old-school rock n' roll, it comes off as overtly cheesy, to the point of being unlistenable. What's even more difficult to believe is that Metal Blade agreed to distribute this. Brian Slagel surely would have died in his chair while first listening to this. Anyway, enough bashing this album, I'm going to explain why it is so awful in more detail.

Like I said, the guitars are way too downtuned and muddy for these songs. Specifically, the cover of Piranha is completely ruined by the overproduced, muddy guitars, and the death growls are hilariously dysfunctional with the song. One of the few merits of this record is that the playing is tight, however. I guess Chris Barnes told his crew that if the covers are going to sound like shit, they might as well put effort into the performance. I respect that, although they could've utilised the potent musicianship to playing material that is original. Hell, a cover album would be fine if they didn't pick songs that didn't match with a death metal band in the slightest. Even Accept has songs that fit Six Feet Under's sound more than Son of a Bitch, which is way too raw and happy to have a death metal do-over, tracks such as Ahead of the Pack or TV War wouldn't make Barnes' growls sound laughably band.

I can't really explain how out-of-place Chris Barnes sounds on Graveyard Classics. His cadences just sound so abrupt and forced compared to the original versions of the songs (to be honest, Barnes' vocals have been shit since 1995). The way he growls "California, Uber Alles" is so fucking funny, his voice sounds so strained and he can't even string words together properly, he sounds like he's hurting himself, and the high scream during the same track may be the ultimate low point of the album. Don't even get me started on T.N.T. His hilarious performance completely stagnates any rhythm that the songs otherwise had. I can't believe that Chris and his flunkies decided to make another 3 versions of this utter shite. If I had to summarise Graveyard Classics in two, they would be dumpster fire. Don't waste your time or money on this.