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Once more unto mediocrity - 50%

autothrall, November 2nd, 2009

I've never been a fan of Six Feet Under. In fact to this day I maintain Haunted was still their best album, primarily because it was just Obituary with Chris Barnes vocals. Truth be told, few of their albums were ever really 'bad', just mediocre. And Death Rituals continues that trend. It's difficult to believe that this is already the band's 10th full length album. The band must pull its own weight financially to have stayed on Metal Blade for so long.

The guitars here have a super crunchy tone, almost fuzzy. In a way, that gives the album a slightly unique feel, but the riffs being performed just aren't all that interesting, and Barnes vocals have never been enough to overcome this. The solos are slightly interesting, but not enough either. I don't feel an obligation to pick out specifics here, because there are no tracks that stand above the rest. It's a true death metal album, no doubt, but it's not remotely memorable.

There are 13 tracks here so I guess if you're a 6FU fan this will be some sort of feast. This must really be an unlucky number, because I couldn't get into a single song.