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Extreme, Unholy Oldschool Death Metal - 100%

buriedmind, July 18th, 2008

I'm impressed!

This is one of 2007's strongest releases, this band show us another greath display of misanthropy, pain, suffering and human catastrophy.

In this work we can found Throat ripping guitar from Steve Swanson, gut pounding bass from Terry Butler, and skull crushing drums from Greg Gall. You take those ingredients and top them off with the vocal carnage of the man himself, Chris Barnes, and what you have is a deadly combination that enjoys spreading doom and destruction wherever they go...

From the opening "doomsday", Commandment instantly gets the blood flowing. This song have many mid tempo parts shared with extreme ones, having a really great result. The highlights through the cd are of course the rhythm guitars sections that are really awesome, reminding of Hellhammer and very early Celtic Frost, “Resurrection of the Rotten”, "Thou Shall Kill", "As the Blade Turns", and "In a Vacant Grave" showcase the bands crushing progress. Barnes' vocals kill as always as the band stays true to their roots here; brutality, carnage, zombies and death.

Lyrically speaking, there are many interesting ideas of death in many different ways, whether it is a fictional story of the human race being overtaken by the living dead and using that as a type of symbolism for other things in life as Chris states himself. In addition Chris likes to search out about the darker side of life and human existence and questions of our own demise as human beings. The production here is really clean, tight and heavy, what a great work.

So in resume SFU mark their brutal return after their extraordinary "13" album back in 2005, straightforward brutality and diseased death metal in the 34 minutes and 26 seconds of this album, all the necessary elements which made them really popular are found here once again, with newly incorporated ideas, making Commandment anything but an original and classic death metal record.