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Better - 65%

Gore_Hammer, December 5th, 2008

Another effort from the once unholy god of death metal…

Commandment, 8th studio album of ex Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes, as part of Six Feet Under. Part of the reason this album is better than any other “SFU” album is, because it was written and produced by Chris Barnes. Back in his time with Cannibal Corpse, Chris pretty much did everything and let the band do fuck all but play instruments and the stuff that came out of it was insanely brutal. Now that Chris has done most of the work himself i.e. written and produced the album, Six Feet Under have pulled off a better effort that most people thought possible.

Barnes’s vocals have always been pretty damn good as and here he proves it, while not as inhumanly guttural as his “CC” days he is still got a very brutal growl. Also his tendency to try and extend his growls for to long and have his voice turn into a pathetic attempt at black metal vocals has been toned down massively. The only exception is in “Bled to Death” where it unfortunately happens several times but apart form that no ultra shittness in the vocals department.

The instruments are another thing that makes Commandment good. It’s simple and catchy. It has an old-school death metal feel to it, which is a refreshing change from technical bands like Decapitated and Psycroptic. Six Feet Under take a very simple approach with Commandment and it proves to be very effective, but eventually it gets incredibly boring. The album has a few solos in it and their pretty sub-par. Steve Swanson does an okay job but he could have done a lot better. The rifting and solos in this album are pretty basic and some it seems are reused on different songs. The drumming is possibly the worst thing in this in this album as it is so basic you would expect to find more technical drumming in rock music. Another disappointing aspect of the album is the near complete lack of audible bass.

Lyrical themes continue to be solid here. Zombies rising up, consuming the living, mutilating with a hatchet it’s all here. Some of the best being in “Edge Of The Hatchet” were Chris sings about killing someone with a “Sharpened meat cleaver” the best lines in this song are “the edge of the hatchet chopping away, the rot and the gore as arteries spray. The blood in your body now drain and puddles urine soaked skin mix with feces and bile” and “the edge of the hatchet now bloody and wet smashing through skill cutting through neck open wounds pulsate as glands are dissected eyeballs implode as genitals spew infection” okay, but utter shit compared to his “Cannibal” days.

So maybe the best thing to come out of Six Feet Under as a whole in quite sometime.