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Death to retro-thrash - this rule!! - 93%

ANGELRIPPER89, January 4th, 2006

This album slays. Even for newer thrash, SITHLORD managed to create a quite original sound on this record. With all those sucky retro-trend bands, what could you ask more??

This is blackened thrash with some touches of death at its finest. The vocalist is in my opinion excellent. His screams and shrieks fit the album very well and add an odd atmosphere to it. This is in the vein of old DESTRUCTION/SACRIFICE with sometimes crazy parts who aren't far removed from the insane HELLWITCH. There is also a nice amout of riffs, never boring and have a quite fresh touche to them.

The production isn't perfect, but maybe near crystal clear. The drums are perfect in the mix, as the guitars, the vocals don't take emphasis on other instruments and the bass is audible! There are even some ''bass leads'' in a couple of tracks.

The only low point I think is the drumming on Holy Virgin's Demise is weird. I don't like it that much, but it's my only complaint, the rest is perfect.

Good tracks?? All of them. Though my personnal favs are the ripping Dissection, the lenghty Predator Moon, the marvellous Dawning Of The Millenium In Darkness and the thrashing Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. If you have the EP with it, all the songs on it shred as well.

Worth getting?? Without any doubt. If you are into old school thrash and you are tired of all those gays retro-bands go ahead.