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The End Of It All indeed! - 35%

Twistedeyes, February 1st, 2011

Sirenia have had few singles in comparison to other bands of the symphonic/gothic metal genre for good reason. Judging from previous singles Morten Veland understands the simple idea and concepts of their release. The End of it All follows strict suit with previous Sirenia singles. This release revolves around taking the two most mundane, least interesting and overwhelmingly commercial songs off the forth coming album, bastardizing them even further by eradicating any enjoyable song elements present on the album versions and releasing them in hope to make some quick money!

Both songs represented here have a typical verse chorus verse structure with absolutely nothing to catch you by surprise, it even gets to the point on the title track that there is a pitiful guitar solo that just tries to replicate the chorus vocal melody. Most listeners will be able to predict how each song will turn out after only the first verse!

The title track is a stereotypical symphonic metal with a very evident pop presence. The guitars are clearly there but lack any conviction or heaviness. lyrically it is a dark but Ailyn performs it with borderline happiness, it is quite irritating seeing any line but for example "This is the darkness at the end of the world" being sung like it is absolutely euphoric to say!

Fallen Angel is a slightly different track being an acoustic version but it still suffers all the same problems as the title track. This just lacks any conviction and true emotion being portrayed and is an obvious choice to be included on this single. The only noteworthy thing here is there is the Latin choir during the bridge but almost all of Sirenia's songs have that! Almost anything negative or if you're feeling adventurous positive you can say about either track is interchangeable with the other.

I have to admit these two songs are far from the worst I have heard in this field and actually work quite well for what they are intended to be because they can appeal to those outside of the metal fan base due to their initial catchiness, it's just the fact that there is nothing beyond that of value. This has to be the worst Sirenia single released which is saying a lot! Those who wish to find some top tier heck even respectable symphonic/gothic metal I would advise you look elsewhere as there is nothing worth listening to repeatedly here!