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Surprisingly good - 77%

Stormalv, February 25th, 2009

I, along with many other fans of Sirenia, was a bit disappointed with the musical direction taken on Nine Destinies and a Downfall. However, on this release, Morten incorporates more of the elements from early Sirenia. He growls at every track except one (and he sings clean vocals on one song, with very good emotion might I add) and the synth plays a bigger role than on NDAAD.

However, it still has the pop-like structure of the songs, not that I think it's a bad thing, but don't expect it to be like early Sirenia only with more female vocals.

Ailyn is a good singer, and she's pleasant to listen to, a good choice by Morten. However, she sounds a bit weak and unconfident on some of the high vocal lines in my opinion.

Jan Kenneth Barkved from Elusive is also back as a guest vocalist on this album, his voice is wonderful to listen to. The song on which he sings is also without a doubt the best song on the album, the last one, Sirens of the Seven Seas. This song is incredibly good, not only are the vocals amazing, the melodies and arrangements are beautiful, and Morten plays the guitar leads with very much emotion. The tempo is also very catchy, and you want to dance to this song. It's actually a bit goth rock like I think.

Some people say that the drums are programmed on this album, unlike the previous album, where they were played real for the first time. I don't know if it's true, but it might be, they are very, very tight, and they sound like the drums on the first 2 albums, where they were also programmed. Either way, they sound very nice and powerful.

All in all, this album is very good. The melodies, the riffs, the arrangements, the vocals, the way it is performed, it's all incredible. You got to hear this album if you like gothic metal!