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For die-hard fans only - 66%

TommyA, April 14th, 2007

"Sirenian Shores" is the last release from Sirenia before they went mainstream. It's an EP that features two original (to a certain extent) tracks, two remakes of previous tracks and one cover. Although the tracks are very well done and easy to swallow, this EP lacks any originality whatsoever.

The title track, although isn't a remake, is not so original. Even though I would consider it as the band's best track yet, I cannot help but think that it is just an improved version of an older Sirenia song. If you heard this EP, you'd know that I'm talking about "Star-Crossed" from "An Elixir for Existence". It's true that it has completely different lyrics, but the melody is basically the same. Nonetheless, "Sirenian Shores" is a very beautiful song and it's the catchiest song Sirenia released so far.

We then move on to the first remake in the album; "Save Me From Myself". This track is taken from "An Elixir for Existence" and its the best track from that album. However, the remix, is a bit disappointing. It no longer contains the beautiful violins accompanying Henriette's voice. It is, however, a fun listen and you'll find it amazing if you haven't yet heard the original.

The second remake is that of "Meridian" from the band's debut album. Again, they don't score any points for originality because it's basically the same song with acoustic guitars instead of the usual instruments. It's much more relaxing than the original, but it's definitely not as amazing. Like the remix of "Save Me From Myself", this is hard to appreciate since the original is the best track from the album it appears in. But, overall, it's not a bad song and you wouldn't want to skip it.

Now this is the EP's real downfall. The cover of "First We Take Manhattan" sounds nothing like typical Sirenia. It doesn't even sound like their new mainstream sound. I don't really get the point of this cover because it contains no growls; just clean male vocals and mediocre female vocals. The clean male vocalist is good for a few lines, but he's not capable of singing an entire song on his own. Anyway, this track is absolutely horrible and might be the worst Sirenia track ever.

"Obire Mortem" is also unoriginal. If you heard Tristania's "Widow's Weeds", you'd know that this is just a different version of "Postludium". It's true that it's different to a certain extent (different music and male choirs instead of the female choirs that Tristania used), but the idea of a short track with choirs singing a few catchy lines isn't original. However, it's still a nice atmospheric closing track.

Overall, "Sirenian Shores" is very unoriginal and doesn't contain anything new. It is, however, a decent listen. However, unless you're a die-hard Sirenia fan, I would stay away from it. It's still a bit better than their latest album though.