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Short, but impressive. - 85%

Stormwind, January 23rd, 2006

So, one day I bought this CD after thinking "Oh, what the heck... it's only 5 songs, but it's cheap, and it's from Sirenia... ah... Sirenia..."
I really wasn't expecting much from a 5-song long EP, but it appears I vastly underestimated Morten and the crew.
The EP starts off with "Sirenian Shores", a most wonderful song. The melody sounds slightly similar to An Elixir for Existance's "Star Crossed", but that's not a real problem at all. A wonderful song without a doubt. Probably one to be used in concerts.
After that comes a remix of the AEfE's "Save Me From Myself". It's hardly recognizable if you don't take the lyrics into account, but it sounds good. Not as relaxing as the original version, but an interesting song to listen to.
Then comes the acoustic version of At Sixes and Seven's opening song, "Meridian". I must admit that this version retains very little of the original's atmosphere of power and grandeur, sounding more like the original "Save Me From Myself" than the remix we get in this album.
The guitars come back to life in "First We Take Manhattan", a Leonard Cohen cover. Apart from the instrumentals and "Save Me From Myself", this is the only Sirenia song so far that doesn't have any harsh vocals in it, and it manages to sound very good without them. Kristian and Henriette do a pretty good job on this song.
The EP ends with the instrumental "Obire Mortem". It's not a very long song at all, and after listening to it many times I'm still unsure of the feeling it transmits, but.. it's a nice way to end an album.

Overall I think this is a very nice EP, with two top-notch songs ("Sirenian Shores" and "First We Take Manhattan") and three other very decent ones. Not something to underestimate as lightly as I did when I first bought it.