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A breath of fresh air! - 100%

grimdoom, October 4th, 2007

Breaking the mold is never easy and often meets with opposition from those unwilling to realize that a band needs to grow and change in order to stave of stagnation. This is case with the latest offering from Norway’s Sirenia.

Starting off, this sounds NOTHING like evanescence. This is a true Metal album, specifically Gothic Metal and is infinitely heavier than anything from the aforementioned mall-core stalwarts.

Speaking of heavy, the guitars are rather monstrous in their own right. Typically Goth Metal bands don’t play this way. The harmonies are neither clichéd nor expected. The bass doesn’t do anything earth shattering but its still good. The drums are more or less in the same boat as the bass; however they do throw some interesting beats for good measure.

The vocals seem to be another point of contention for many here at the archives. They are amazing and fit the music well. They’re not of the operatic variety and as such will shock any long time fans who have yet to hear this release. Also Morten doesn’t do any singing what so ever.

Over all, the production is outstanding, the song writing is amazing and the band simply sounds wonderful. The band has moved the Gothic Metal style into a fresh and new direction. When Morten left Tristania it was because there were too many bands sounding like them. He wanted to play Goth Metal in a different way. He has finally accomplished this on this record.