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It's official, gothic metal is ruined - 40%

TheBlackPlague, September 3rd, 2007

When I heard about this new album, I had a bad feeling. There were some praises but also a huge amount of negative rumblings that were all very consistent. The word I saw thrown-around the most was "pop", and while I like pop music, pop and metal usually don't mix too well (unless you're older Sonata Arctica or older Edenbridge). And even though I had a really bad feeling about this, I couldn't resist downloading it to see exactly what happened.

My first thought while listening to this album was "Where the hell is Morten?!" I seem to remember a tiny serving of his vocals on maybe two songs, but I'm going to say that he's absent for at least 98% of this album. What we get instead, however, isn't too bad but it's still nowhere near as enjoyable as Morten's venomous rasp and growls. Monika Pedersen has a very innocent and cute-sounding voice (almost child-like). I'm a sucker for those kind of vocals except that they really don't fit on this album and her singing is pretty generic. Typical pop/rock female vocals you find in too many gothic bands these days just with a different tone.

In spite of the continued use of choirs and symphonies, the album is very very modern-sounding and as a result. the choirs and symphonies don't fit anymore. Heavy distortion, low tunings (probably dropped tunings also), simple melodies and progressions, electronic dabblings, and that blasted verse-chorus structure fill out the rest. The guitar riff you hear in the beginning of a song is the same one you'll be listening to the rest of the song. The songs also kind of all blend-in together and I honestly couldn't tell them apart if quizzed. The keyboards and guitars are simple and extremely repetitive. The other instruments aren't even worth mentioning.

This album demonstrates just how widespread the degenerative gothic syndrome is. Tristania, Cradle of Filth, Within Temptation, and now Sirenia have all fallen victim and I'm about ready to quarantine myself from this bastardized genre.