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Sirenia has become Pop - 15%

The10thPlague, November 8th, 2007

When I first heard that Sirenia was going to release a new album I was excited, but I was very disappointed by the outcome. Yes, I did buy the album, although I wish I hadn't. It’s a complete waste of money.

The album opener "The Last Call" starts electronically, then after about ten seconds the guitars start booming in. The guitars have altered to a very power metal-like sound that’s very different from the former albums. Then Monika starts to sing and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. What an awfully poppy sound, like I'm listening to Britney Spears with guitars on the background. Still, I could accept this sound as the verse isn’t too bad, but I couldn't accept it anymore when the chorus started. It's like Monika and the chorus are destined for each other, just pop squared (for those who have no mathematical knowledge: it's pop x pop). Now it really IS Britney Spears. The song continues to have a silly verse-chorus structure.

The next songs get worse and worse. "My Minds Eye" is even poppier than "The Last Call", and the rest of the album just sounds like "My Mind's Eye". I can’t recognize these different songs as it all sounds exactly the same, cursed with the same verse-chorus structure, the same silly choruses, and the same idiotic vocals.

As you may notice, I dislike the vocals the most. I can accept the guitar work, which is like power metal, but I really can't stand the vocals. It's a very childlike, bubblegumpop-like voice, like my little niece is singing. Also, I really miss Morten's voice. He doesn't show up frequently in this album - only in about 2 songs - and when he does his "grunts" sound pathetic.

Conclusion: It's obvious this album was solemnly created for the purpose of money. Art in this album is far, very far away. Sirenia wants to make loads of money with this album by making it listenable to a 'wider public', but I think Sirenia made a big mistake with this. Also, I fear that the genre of gothic metal is slowly dying as more and more "gothic" bands attain this poppy sound.