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Above average - 90%

Metallideath, September 18th, 2010

Honestly, who would think this sounds like pop? Well one thing, at least it sounds better than that fucker Justin Bieber or a pregnant Taylor Swift in the hospital. No, this sounded like gothic metal to me, not the pop shit you hear on the radios 24/7. But before I get too much into talking about pop, I'll say that unlike most gothic metal bands, they brought in some instrumental domination in here with a vocalist who typically soars over the top of everyone else, and well, that's what you got here, just that. But let us go in deeper to this, shall we.

As far as instrumental wise, they are well above average to most of the entirely legendary gothic metal bands, while the vocals were really nothing out of the ordinary, they still were probably one of the best parts. Guitars were actually heavier than they are in most gothic metal bands, which is actually one of the pros here, after all this is gothic METAL as some bands don't realize. They sounded as if they were at least one step down, and if not, I'm totally impressed. They definitely sound better and heavier than those fuckers in Nickelback could play in their dreams. As far as bass goes, while the bass lines weren't exactly that audible, I know what it sounds like with no bass, and it doesn't have that sound here so it is totally clear they used a bassist, but the only thing that annoys me is that is seems like every gothic metal band has to have their bassist just play the exact same shit as the guitarists are playing, I'm not asking for a bass solo, I'm asking for a band to have the bassist play something different from the guitarists. Drums were nothing special but definitely didn't suck. As far as vocals go, I wont complain they never used Morten's voice practically at all except in one or two songs, it didn't bother me that much and it's not like Monika doesn't do a good job covering that up. Because first, she doesn't use some stupid shit like auto-tune to sound good like that stupid fuck Justin Bieber, second, doesn't sound like Miley Cyrus taking shit and actually sounds like a real gothic metal vocalist. Third, has a good voice. And fourth, she actually has the pussy to use it. The overall sound is gothic metal, like it should sound like, a high-pitched female vocalist, quieter but heavy guitar parts, some keyboards, and a drummer who sits behind everyone else.

Now for me, out of the obvious, My Minds Eye and The Other Side were the best tracks here, but The Last Call, Absent Without Leave, Seven Keys and Nine Doors, and Sundown were also very good. And since there were six good songs with nine total, I was kept satisfied for pretty much the whole album and is one of those albums when you can listen to the entire thing without having the urge to skip a track or be dying for it to end. It's also one of those albums were you have to dig and search for a good song.

The only real reason why this doesn't go past 90 is because is because of the typical bassist echoing the guitarist and for nothing special vocals. Though the good parts were that, first, they brought some new stuff to the table, second, had a change in musical style, and third, uses a girl who actually can sing without auto-tune unlike some people we know.

Overall, this is definitely worth a buy or download or iTunes download or whatever, any gothic metal fan should just just get their hands on it somehow because even if you aren't a big Sirenia fan, you're missing out on quite a bit here despite the couple of faults it has.