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Bye bye Tristania, the "Sirenia style" has arrived - 96%

Daniel_2007_Pendulum, February 25th, 2008

Finally, what we've been waiting for has come: Morten Veland has decided to leave behind the "Tristania style" that was shown on the previous Sirenia albums, and has also decided to give his own style a try to success. And in order to do this, he hired the talented metal female vocalist Monika Pedersen.

Gothic-doom fans will be surely disappointed with this album, because the doom side of the band is completely dead. But all the gothic metal fans have gained an escellent album to hear. Personally, I love it.

Maybe the only thing that is not good about "Nine Destinies and a Downfall" is that the structure of the songs is almost the same! Few songs defy the lyric style that oustands in the album, and these songs are many of the best of the album.

Harsh vocals do not completely disappear, although they rarely appear. Actually, they're only featured in two songs: "Sundown" (the most aggressive song of the album) and "Seven Keys and Nine Doors" (one of the most weird songs of the album).

All the songs are good, but the ones that I personally like the most are: "The Last Call" (the opening track that indicates the style of most of the songs of the album), "Sundown", "Absent Without Leave" (the only song of the album that features clean male vocals by Morten Veland), "The Other Side" (the second song of the album to have a video made for it) and "Glades of Summer" (the slowest and the longest song of the album, one of my favorites).

CONCLUSION: If you liked Sirenia with its old style, don't even think on buying the album. But, if you want to give the new style a chance, go and acquire it now!