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A Step In The Right Direction - 80%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, April 11th, 2007

One of the most anticipated releases of early 2007, Sirenia have finally unleased their latest opus on their crowd, but with one major change: No lead male vocalist! However, this doesn't hold Sirenia back at all, in fact it only pushes them forward! While having the duet gothic aspect blended with doom was what the band was founded on, due to the recent departure, the band has gone strictly gothic with only a female vocalist. The songs on here don't have the same dark aspect they once did, but who will argue with such beautiful vocal work? Nine tracks (one for each destiny) quickly pass by as you become entranced by the constant mid-tempo tracks that will probably leave the harder metal fans screaming for the olden days. But if you crave melody in all aspects, this release is definitely for you. Astounding orchestral keyboard elements blended with simple guitar work make this release a step in the right direction. I just can't think of another band who did this move already...hmm...Oh yes, Tristania! It's becoming a growing trend!

Typically one would say that having a band with the same formulas as many other bands would be a bad thing, but in this case, Nine Destinies And A Downfall would put even Lacuna Coil gasping for air as they quickly suffocate what they built up. There aren't many bands like this who have the same melodic impact as Sirenia's concept portrayed on this release, so let's say keep 'em coming, however stereotypical they may be.

An added bonus is that the CD is enhanced and includes the music video for the track My Minds Eye, which is easily the best song on the CD against the others. But hey, if beautiful female singing vocals against wonderfully orchestrated mid-tempo melodic, gothic metal isn't your thing, then you will definitely want to shy away from this release. While the CD lacks the "duet" aspect like the past few CDs, this full length is well worth the three hours you put in at work.