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Shrieking Vocals and Killer Riffs! - 81%

DeathRiderDoom, November 22nd, 2009

Siren – Metro Mercenary

*Number 7 in my 9th MA Review Challenge 80’s USPM Gems series.

Another awesome USPM band from the 80’s that should be in your collection. On this early release, Siren hasn’t fully developed to the extent that they would by the late 80’s – but this is still an evil, strong, and crunchy offering that I give regular spins, months after first acquiring it – and for a single – that’s pretty damn impressive. Siren bacme increasingly progressive after this release, and though their later works are great, I like the rough evilness in this particular release – and the riffage is amazing! And before I go on, what is it about progressive/power metal bands and Florida? I mean, Savatage, Crimson Glory? Must be something in the water… or the oranges, either way – this is a great early release from a pretty badass US power metal band. I will briefly describe why this rtules here, but basically just get this release.

‘Terrible Swift Sword’ kicks things off with an awesome song title and some great riffage. The main riff in this one is a definite winner, and the vocal phrasing is fucking tops. Doug Lee’s vocals do improve with ‘No Place Like Home’, but he is still very strong here , believe me. For an early release, the band seems confident, and well-rehearsed, especially Lee in his delivery. Guitar solos are great, and the bass underneath them is just right. A very heavy, ballsy track this one is too. The title track continues things in the same vein. Some haunting vocals, shrieks, and fucking evil delivery of verses from lee are belted out over more tough and nasty early metal riffs. I love the high pitch shrieks Lee puts in at the end of verse lines – screams USPM! Again the riffs remain exceptionally cruncy and leads are original and well thought.