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Different Style / Still Kicks Ass! - 85%

KRISIUN69filth, September 21st, 2004

"Sinning is our Savior" is a band that’s all about recreating itself. In the bands brief 3-year life span they have changed style numerous times, while surprisingly only have one member from the original line up no longer in the band, drummer Jon Rice was replaced by Nick Betzel. S.I.O.S's music has went from Power/speed metal, to Hardcore / Metalcore, to a prog Death, to pure melodic death, to a mix of melodic death and modern thrash metal.

This 2-song demo hit me as a big surprise, after purchasing Sinning is our Saviors wonderfully technical full-length album, "Painted with Utter desolation". This demo hits you hard with a war like march sounding intro to track 1 " Synchronized Suicide", and new and improved use of both vocalist, Joe and Ryan. Ryan still does his hardcore holler that he's always done, but by adding Joe (Lead guitars) into the mix the music sounds a hell of a lot varied. He reminds me of a Jeff Walker kinda hybrid. The break down in "Synchronized Suicide" at the 2:20 mark sounds like a black metal band, very creepy and the raspy vocal work complements the entire segment.

Track 2, "Deny Salvation" is melodic death masterpiece, very much sounding like Iron Maiden, except with the growling vocals. Very repetitive lyrics in this song, the verse "This is what I have now become" get lame after a while. This song also shines in the drumming department, lot of great fills, and double bass work.

All in all, this demo is a great change up from the more melodic stuff Sinning is…. Does and supposedly this is the direction that the are headed into. Being a death / Thrash kind of guy, that makes me happy and makes me proud that the Pittsburgh metal scene has a chance to stay alive.