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Impresses me! - 80%

KRISIUN69filth, June 11th, 2004

This demo from Pittsburgh area metal/melodic death band, Sinning is our Savior highly impresses me.
The band has fused several styles of music together to make a unique sound. Death metal, Power / speed metal classical soloing, hardcore growling, fast rhythmic drumming with a nice double bass kick, and catchy chorus. Now granted this is only a two-song demo, but "Fade into oblivion" and "Servants" are a couple of kick ass tracks. Funny thing, these two songs were cut off of the full length and slapped onto a promotional demo. Now, I believe that this demo is enough to make anyone buy the full length.

"Servants" has great lead guitar work going on throughout the entire song, but falls short only in the vocal department; too brutal of growling doesn’t fit this power metalish song. Granted Children of Bodem can pull it off, but these guys are far from C.O.B. "Fade Into Oblivion", has decent vocals, more hardcore shout, and a catchy ass chorus, with numerous mini shredding solos, and classical leads strewn throughout.

S.I.O.S, Is a hard band to describe, but I think I can sum them up as one quarter Pantera, one quarter Cannibal Corpse, one quarter Killswitch Engage, and one quarter Divine Intervention era Slayer. This band fits in perfect with a lot of the bands in the Western Pennsylvanian music scene. Mixing many genres and coming out with a pretty original sound. Shattered Soul, Blackmarket Bodyparts, and Leprosy can be added into the mixed genre bands this area has to offer.

All in all, two good tracks that will probably convince anyone into good metalcore to buy the new full length.